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About Us

Bombay Tea Club is a startup based in Mumbai, India - that aims to bring the freshest teas straight to your doorstep.In a world full of infinite choices, finding good tea can be a chore. Bombay Tea Club works with highly experienced tasters and vintage farms in Assam, Darjeeling & Nilgiris to curate the best Indian leaf teas. Our teas come to our warehouse directly from production omiting normal processes like auctions, wholesalers, retailers, etc .


Build your own box

Now relish assortments of our classic teas from the finest tea growing regions of India. Build Your Own Box by Bombay Tea Club allows you to customize your own box with your preferred blends with a minimum order quantity of 12 sachets for Pyramid tea bags or 15 sachets for Single serving pouches. You can either mix and experiment or pick all of the same type in your personal box of premium loose leaf tea. We advice you to try this so you can get a taste of all our classic blends and order in the future accordingly.

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Bombay Tea Club curates teas from the finest tea growing regions across the country & delivers the freshest cup to your doorstep

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Teas from farms in assam, darjeeling & nilgiri.


Our organic teas are all handmade using the best quality leaves. its a work of art.



We aspire on making the teas reach you with optimum freshness so bye-bye middle man


No matter the occasion gifitng good tea is gifting good health.