Organic Chamomile Green Tea

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One Re-sealable pouch contains 7 Pyramid Tea Bags

The most comforting cup of sunshine and freshness in a unique blend of organic green tea and chamomile flowers.

Everything is humble, yet expressive and overwhelming in this blend. Made of high quality dried chamomile flowers and fresh organic green tea leaves makes this one of the most aromatic brew in your cup. Chamomile has a respectable reputation for its calming and soothing properties. This tea can be consumed at anytime of the day, but we recommend you to sip this before going to bed. 

Taste Notes

Pure, strong and aromatic chamomile flavor with fresh green tea emerging from the bottom layers, Very smooth on the palate.





Steeping notes

  Water 180ml

Water Temperature 80-85℃

  Tea 2-2.5 grams

  Brew Tea 2-4 minutes


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