Organic Turmeric Green Wellness Tea

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One Re-sealable pouch contains 7 Pyramid Tea Bags 

Green tea has countless proven health benefits. When blended with Turmeric, they serve additional health benefits and cure various ailments.

Instant boost in recovery for those suffering from coughs, cold, sore throat and other illnesses.

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory due to the antioxidant cur cumin present in it. It helps to reduce inflammations associated with obesity. It promotes weight loss at the highest level along with other benefits to boost your immune system.


Taste Notes

Strong turmeric briskness, pungent notes, and very aromatic


  Mint      Honey   Sugar


Steeping notes

Water 180ml

Water Temperature 80-85℃

Tea 2-2.5 grams

Brew Tea 2-3 minutes