Welcome to your own curated box of premium teas. Here we let you create a box with your preferred blends and let you experiment with new teas.


1) Select between Sachets of Pyramid Tea bags or Single Serving pouch

2) Build your own tea box with our multifarious variety of teas, simply select up till your count adds up to 12 Sachets for Pyramid tea bag and 15 Sachets for Single serving pouch.

3) Once the box is complete advance to checkout.


Pyramid bags are created from nylon strands that are knitted into a small net-like mesh, crafting holes in the bag much larger than orthodox paper bags. These bigger holes permit for water to come in contact with more of the tea’s surface area, thus producing more necessary oils and character into the cup. It also allows for much higher quality larger leaf teas to be incorporated into the tea bag. Pyramid tea bags allow the tea to expand and breathe much better.

build your own Tea box


Single Serving Pouch

At BTC we aspire to provide you the freshest cup of tea at your convenience. Loose tea often exposed to air & moisture compromises on the taste & quality, but we found a solution to this problem. Our Single Serving Pouch has the right quantity of loose leaf tea for exactly one cup thereby retaining the quality and providing unparalleled flavors and taste. Introducing a unique way to enjoy tea, when and where you like it.

build your own Tea box