Cancellation Policy

Bombay Tea Club™ will charge credit & debit cards as ‘ Bombay Tea Club’

In order to cancel a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription before the completion date, users must email us at intimating us of their decision including a reason for cancellation. Cancellation Emails must be sent from the email address used to make the purchase as well as mention the registered.

Address of the recipient for verification purposes is needed. Users must also provide us with Bank Details such as Account Number, Beneficiary Branch, and Beneficiary Name & IFSC Code. (For refund purposes)

Refunds will only be made to a user’s bank account.

BTC does not authorize cash refunds.

BTC will to its ability, dispatch user’s packages on the same days as order placed every month for the length of the subscription. Subscriptions bought as a gift require upfront payment and are not cancellable.

Once your subscription has been cancelled, no more tea will be billable unless the product has already been shipped. If this is the case then the shipped tea will be billable.

Bombay Tea Club will require up to 48hours to register a manual cancellation request.

Once cancelled, subscribers will be refunded the money straight into their bank account.

Subscribers who wish to cancel their 3/6/12 subscription mid period will be debited the amount of tea and accessories delivered at whatever the rate of the purchased tea is online. The rest will be credited to the users account.

Example – If a user signs up for a 12-month subscription but wants to cancel after 3 months, BTC will debit the user – 3 X the respective rate. (“Monthly recurring” rate for subscribers) and credit the rest to the Users bank account.

All Tea and accessories that have been shipped from our warehouse will be billable & once shipped cannot be cancelled.