Wellness Organic Green Tea Detox Box

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 1,599.00
Rs. 1,599.00

Our Wellness Organic Green Tea Box is a perfect aid kit/gift to help you or your loved ones recover from illnesses and weakness.

  • Each blend in this box helps boost your immunity and fight diseases.
  • One box contains 75g of artisanal teas.
  • Gifting good quality tea is gifting good health! All teas are hand made using traditional & organic methods.
  • Box full of delicious nutritive teas that are rich in anti-oxidants and boost detox.

  • What the Box contains (15g each of each blend) - 

1x Organic Chamomile Green Tea (Teabag)

1x Organic Ginger-Lemongrass Green Tea (Teabag)

 1x Organic Mint Green Tea (Loose-leaf)

 1x Organic Turmeric Green Tea (Teabag)

 1 x Organic Lemongrass Green Tea (Loose-leaf)

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